Data Systems

Remote log in

IT security has become more important for smaller companies as they are often an easier target with less IT security in place to prevent attacks .
With Data Systems managing your IT, you benefit from remote monitoring and diagnostics, which means that we can log into your system and rectify the majority of problems that occur without the need for an on-site engineer, giving you a quicker fix and less downtime. If the nature of the problem requires a call out we have a team of experienced engineers that will have you back up and running as soon as possible.


What is Remote Log-in

The term "remote access," however, still refers to remote users being able to access internal company resources. So, while VPN is the technology for securely connecting two private networks (and can also mean secure connections between two large private networks), remote access VPNs generally refer to individual employees or "clients" connecting to the "host" corporate network.

Beyond just connecting to remote resources, however, remote access solutions may also enable users to control the host computer over the Internet from any location. With "remote desktop" software, you can operate a remote computer as if you were seated in front of it.