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Proactive support

Proactive Support

Many errors that occur within an IT infrastructure can be avoided through IT Change Management & preventative monitoring. At Data Systems, we can provide you with a qualified ITIL certified engineer and proactive support service whereby we provide routine checks and 24/7 monitoring to give you faster system performance and to safeguard you from downtime. Support varies according to contract,  to find out more Email Us

Our Mission

We all know proactive service when we see it.  A couple of examples:

Proactive is when you are shopping for a new gadget, but just before you buy it the clerk tells you a special battery is required (even though the box fails to mention it) but is not included.  “Would you like one of those as well?

Proactive is a waiter asking his patrons if anyone has any food allergies so they can instruct the chef to alter a recipe. 

When I purchase a car navigation system with installation, and the salesperson tells me that the installation may affect my car warranty so I should consult my dealer, that’s proactive service.